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Available now on iTunes/ Google Play

Available now on iTunes/ Google Play

Kiwi pop singing sensation, Brooke Duff is back with her new single, ‘The Real You’.

Says Brooke, “‘The Real You’ is a snap shot into the lives of people I’ve met over the years… a little about how I feel about myself, a lot about how people feel every day. Pretending, and putting up a front to shelter themselves from others, it’s time to be real. I hope people can relate to the song – it’s time to be you.”


We are off to a good start with the launch of the A.R.A.S campaign to raise funds for the Mana Ririki Charity but we need your help to get us further. Check out the poster below – grab it and upload it to your social media pages. We can make a difference if we work together.

Join the Movement - A.R.A.S


Directed by Illegal’s Mark Arona – here is the official video to Sensitive To A Smile.

Available on iTunes AU:
Available on iTunes NZ:

As well as Google Play and other digital music stores in your country.

All proceeds from the sale of the single will go towards the Mana Ririki Charity and their work in preventing child abuse & promoting positive parenting in NZ. Would love your support.

A big thank you to Rio Panapa (Sons Of Zion) & Avina Kelekolio (Tomorrow People) for coming up with the idea. Also to Dilworth from Herbs for allowing the A.R.A.S to cover such a classic song. And of course all the artists who didn’t hesitate to offer their beautiful voices.

Mana Ririki Charity:

Big Ups to the A.R.A.S FAM: Katchafire | Che Fu | 1814 | House Of Shem | Tomorrow People | Sons Of Zion | Ria Hall | Three Houses Down | Majic Paora | Chad Chambers | NRG Rising | Tasty Brown

A big thank you to Jeremy and the team at York St for allowing us to both record and film there.

Special mention to the team at Toa TV, Warner Music NZ, Maori TV and everyone else behind the scenes that helped bring this project to life.


TV3 Nightline Story on Aotearoa Reggae All Stars

Aotearoa Reggae All-Stars is made up of 12 of New Zealand’s premier reggae artists, including, Che Fu, Katchafire, Tomorrow People, Sons of Zion, 1814, Ria Hall, House of Shem, Three Houses Down, Chad Chambers, NRG Rising, Majic and Tasty Brown.

The super-group have collaborated on a remake of the Herbs’ classic, ‘Sensitive to a Smile’ in order to raise money for Maori Child Advocacy organisation, Mana Ririki, whose focus is on the prevention of child abuse through communication and positive parenting.

Led by Rio Panapa (Sons of Zion) and Avina Kelekolio (Tomorrow People), the Aotearoa Reggae All-Stars project is focused on raising awareness towards a violence-free family environment in New Zealand.

“After hearing about all the child abuse cases in NZ, we wanted to do our bit and use our talents to help reach out and create awareness” says Kelekolio.

‘Sensitive to a Smile’ is available from FRIDAY 21st June in both NZ & AUSTRALIA across all digital music platforms including iTunes and Google Play.



It’s been a pretty hectic 12 months for J. He’s been in the studio working on his follow up album to Young Love, touring both locally and internationally and has even released his album in Japan. Having made significant inroads into the world’s second biggest music market – it only seemed right to shoot his latest music video there as well.

The new single ‘Never Let Go’ was produced by DJ Lenium and NOX as well as Melbourne based producers Tom Day and Toby Emerson. To bring the track to life the team recruited Shae Sterling and headed to Tokyo, Japan.

The new single is available in both NZ & AUSTRALIA. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts. Enjoy

Gold Coast based producer A.T.P can lay claim to an accomplishment that only a few Australian and New Zealand artists can match. Few producers can proudly display a platinum plaque for co-writing a No. 1 Single. (Savage – Swing) in the US.

In 2012, he switched it up with the release of ‘Same Thing’ Remix featuring K.One & JR which garnered significant airplay on both radio and TV. This year, he makes even more noise with a line up of Hip-Hop’s Heavyweights – Savage, K.One, Fortafy, Tyson Tyler & J.Williams (also on the track but absent from the video are JR and XY).

The video was shot in NZ and directed by Illegal Musik CEO Mark Arona. The track is available on both sides of the Tasman – make sure you grab a copy today.