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Gold Coast based producer A.T.P can lay claim to an accomplishment that only a few Australian and New Zealand artists can match. Few producers can proudly display a platinum plaque for co-writing a No. 1 Single. (Savage – Swing) in the US.

In 2012, he switched it up with the release of ‘Same Thing’ Remix featuring K.One & JR which garnered significant airplay on both radio and TV. This year, he makes even more noise with a line up of Hip-Hop’s Heavyweights – Savage, K.One, Fortafy, Tyson Tyler & J.Williams (also on the track but absent from the video are JR and XY).

The video was shot in NZ and directed by Illegal Musik CEO Mark Arona. The track is available on both sides of the Tasman – make sure you grab a copy today.